'Moon through the cypress', Mixed media on canvas, 36”x48”

O. Devan - 'Moon through the cypress', Mixed media on canvas.

36" x 48" \ 91.5cm - 121.5cm.

Photography & oil paints on canvas.

O. Devan paints that which he doesn't really see.

His camera captures a second in time, as if he stops at his tracks and takes a step back to embrace that particular second in time and space.

Devan's works are eternal; he does not pretend to reinvent the wheel in his paintings but to redefine it. The skies, the ocean, clouds and cityscapes are for anyone to recreate, but capturing these layers that surround the image is where Devan's genius lies.

Layers of paint on photography, all on large canvases creates an haunting work of art that is captivating and hypnotic. The mood is ethereal and subdued and our soul is drawn to the work in an inexplicable nostalgic yearning.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and a letter of appraisal.

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