'Chica Chica' Gesso & Acrylic on canvas 60" x 40"

Gail - 'Chica Chica', gesso & acrylic on canvas.

60" x 40" \ 152.4cm - 101.6 cm.

Gail’s works are like drops of dew in the late afternoon. Totally unexpected but wholeheartedly received. Her hand impregnates the canvas with freshness and soothes it in what appears utter devotion to painting.

There is a sense of joy and clarity in her canvases that gently pulls your eyes to the edges of the canvas. There, uninterrupted, rests a mild trace of brush stroke that lifts the work to new heights.

“Gail energizes her canvases with great luminosity and sophistication.”

Peter Elliot, Collector Magazine

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and a letter of appraisal.

More About Gail:

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