‘Chandra‘, 46”x48”, Thread on canvas

Malin - 'Chandra’, thread onto canvas.

46" x 48" \ 117cm - 122cm

The exquisite quality of the works, on canvas, places her as one of the top artists working today in the U.S. Malin employs a totally original and unique technique. The artist does not use the brush, nor paint or the palette knife.

The Swedish born artist uses an old SEWING MACHINE to create these works. The artist embroiders her paintings and builds the motif by sewing pieces of fabric in different colors on to a canvas, then continues to sew with layers of thread to achieve the final nuances of colors. There is no computer involved.  It is a thread poetry at its highest level. Malin’s brush is the sewing machine.

Every dot and color in these works is done with the stitch and movement of Malin’s hand. There are no photographs used, as Malin works with live models. Emelie (the sitter in this work) is Malin’s daughter.

Malin’s work has been collected by The National Museum Stockholm, Sweden, the Rhoss Museum Gothenburg, Sweden, Norrkopings Museum, Sweden and Monterey Museum of Art, California, USA and has received three major scholarships from the Swedish state.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and a letter of appraisal.

More About Malin:

Monterey Museum of Art, CA, USA:

"Textile artist Malin creates astonishingly detailed wall works using a sewing machine and thread. Her masterful creations resemble illusionistic paintings that address evocative and challenging universal themes.  Her subjects range from lichen covered rocks, wet cobblestone streets, and profound portraits of her family and friends. Malin’s extraordinary artworks fabricated on stretched canvas are so expertly rendered and sharp that they are often mistaken for oil paintings. Her skill and artistry in this medium border on the implausible and must be experienced in person to be fully understood. Malin’s meticulous process begins with vividly colored strands of thread layered over a patched fabric background, similar to traditional methods in painting—such as under-painting—in order lay down color and composition. Using the sewing machine as an expressive tool, Malin’s stitches create crosshatched marks that incorporate a broad, colorful palette of threads from dark to light. Creative experimentation has been part of her environment since childhood, as she belongs to a Swedish family rich with four generations of artists. Malin has exhibited widely in Sweden, and her work has been collected by the National Museum, Stockholm, among other institutions. She spends significant stretches of time in the Monterey Bay area. This exhibition at the Monterey Museum of Art marks Malin’s first museum show in California. The Monterey Now series honors local artists who make significant contributions to the visual arts in the Monterey Bay area and beyond."

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